Monday 25 July 2011

A definate "challenge"!!

Thought I wouldn't manage this one, but I did!!...

 I was asked, by a friend at work, to make her a card...
she asked on Tuesday and we broke up on Wednesday, so she needed
me to make it that night.
"Can you make me a card that has on a woman doing aerobics,
with something to do with being made a superintendant?
Oh, and can I have these certain words on the card?"
Hmmm!!!  A tall order...
But I did it! And she loved it!!

I really enjoyed making this card.
I thought the image looked a lot like the friend I was making it for.
The backing paper is a digi paper I have, whichI have never used...
I don't know why, 'cos it is lovely!
I glossy accented her shoes and heart and necklace.

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