Monday 27 August 2012

I went to a craft show...

...on the weekend and bought some lovely lovely stuff!
Including these gorgeous frames!!!

These ones are embossed with flowers in the centre...

and these are embossed with hearts in the centre.
They are quite difficult to photograph! ;)
Anyway - the reason I have put thes eon is because last time I used them on  a card, loads of people asked me where i got them...
so I picked up a couple more sets than I wanted.
So, if you want to buy a pack of these (come in a pack , white, 8 of the same, but I guess I could do 4 and 4 or whatever...) from me, just email me!
I have been making some cards this week... just had no time to put any on here.
I started my christmas cards!!! yey!!!!!

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