Sunday 30 September 2012

Last day of the month already!!

...and I can't believe how quick it has whizzed by!!!

Since the last time I blogged, I have...
 been my sisters birth partner, 
and watched my nephew Ethan, being brought into this world (amazing!!)

I have also had a card order for 21 cards for "thank-you" cards from a bride, to her bridal party.

And finally, our road was all over the news last week, when it flooded so badly 
that they needed firefighters to come and help ppl out of their flooded homes, via dingy!!
I was there, watching, and couldn't believe this was happening here and now, where I live.

What a month!!!!

Anyway... thought I would make an effort to show you some cards I made...

 Obviously, I made this card for Ethans birth, to my sister and her man.
They loved it.

 Mum asked me to make a fairy card for my niece,
as she had finally become a "big sister"...she's 8 now.

...and of course, I made her one from us.
When we saw her at the end of the summer hols, she had on nanas apron, as a superhero cape
and my hubby made her a tie-on eye mask which she thoroughly enjoyed I thought it was quite fitting that
I made her a big sister superhero card!! 

ps...she loved them... xxx


Sue said...

My goodness, you have had a busy time with everything!
Big congratulations to your sister, how wonderful!!

Your cards are gorgeous, the designs are fabulous.
I hope next month is a little less hectic for you!


Chrissy C said...

Three brilliant cards - love the fairy one