Sunday 13 January 2013

Belated Happy New Year! -! (please?!)

For some strange reason, I havent been able to upload any pics...I have been trying to upload all week, and it's not doing anything for me! I click on the "insert pic" and the little wheel thing spins for about 2 seconds, then it leaves that window blank....not giving me the option to pick photos from my computer!  Anyone else having a similar problem? Is it blogger, having a "moment" ?....  or just me?!??! Help or advice greatfully recieved!


Wendy L said...

Blogger has been playing up last week but you may have filled your allowance of pictures and you may have to start using another method. Look at Apples and Pears blog, she has a tutorial on thie same thing
Hope this helps.xxxx

Wendy L said...

Some people say that if you switch to Google Chrome is will be OK. Blogger doe not like Internet Explorer it seems, xxxxx