Sunday 10 February 2013

Bits N Bobs

I made these cards a little while ago...
 I was comissioned to make this card...for a friend whose hubby had been in hospital
for heart surgery - this was a thankyou to the staff who had looked after
him and helped mend his heart,...literally!!
She asked for 'the blue "scrubs", a heart , and thankyou' to go on the card.
She loved it!

I made this one for our gorgeous niece ...who LOVES moshi monsters! I didn't
even know what they were, before I started this card!
I feel I know them well, now  :)
I made the image, arranged the characters, and decoupaged some features.
I tried to make it look like they were all holding a banner,
with her name on.
Apparently, she took it into school. to show, in 'show n tell' !

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