Monday 1 August 2011

Two Anniversary cards.

It's my Mum and Dads Anniversary, today...

...and I made them two cards!!
Well, I made this card a couple of weeks ago,
as they are both very much "cat" people
and I like the sentiment.
But then I saw "Imag-e-nation" were having a sale.....

......and I saw this sheet...with the citroen on.
Many moons ago, when we were children (me and sis),
 Dad had citroen cars... we had a Dolly, a 2CV and  2CV6 special.
- One of them was "rhubarb and custard" colours!
I loved standing up in the back, with my head poking out the roof!
(In the days before you HAD to wear a seatbelt in the back!)
Anyway - I didn't use all the decoupage...I don't like too too much of it on one card.
I also used some G.A here and there.
This is the one I gave them in the end, 'cos it's so different.
(and they both loved it and had a little chuckle!)

1 comment:

pickle said...

Two fabulous cards. I especially like the cat one, very clean and simple, right up my street! Could you tell me where the image is from please?
Thanks very much