Thursday 1 November 2012

A new month

Recently, we have celebrated my Grandmas 90th birthday....

 I made both the card  and flowers for her...

 I know my Grandma loves a verse on / in a card, so did that for her...
the beginning of the verse is on the front and the rest is inside -
but I forgot to take a picture of the inside! duh!!
I used my madison window die, and marianne bird on a branch die.
Hubby "encaustic-ed" them for me.
Some little punched gold butterflies to finish.

 For my Mums birthday - in summer - I made her some flowers like these...
and Grandma loved them, so I thought I would make her some for her too.
They are a form of origami I suposse, because each petal of each flower is folded, very precisely.
Then 5 petals are put together to form a flower.
These took a VERY long time to make, but they were worth it when I saw her face!

I tried to keep in with Grandmas very neutral colour-scheme, but found I just
had to add a bit of colour here and there, as they are flowers, afterall!
I diecut some butterflies and added one or two on petals, and on the "stalks".
The flowers are held held in in oasis, which has been covered with that little gold gravel stuff.
I had to "arrange" it so that the gravel doesn't fall out,
as the cats often go nosying around and knocking things off, lol!!