Friday 29 July 2011

Just the one, today...

Another card for my box....

"Butterflies are like friends...
Each one is different,
Each one is beautiful,
Each one is special"
I thought this sentiment was lovely!
I decoupaged some parts of the image
and glossy accented others.

Thursday 28 July 2011

One week gone, already!

So that's one week gone, of my summer holidays! Phew!
It's flying-by!!   :(

As soon as I saw this image, I knew I wanted to use it on a card for a friend,
and I also knew it didn't need much more with it,
so...I thought I would "shape" the card.
I had a little play and came up with this shape. I hand-drew it,then
cut it out and added some faux stitching.
A bit of faux stitching round the image, some punched flowers
and hand-drawn stems.
(You know me... I had to glossy accent somewhere...
the cats eyes, nose and flower centers.)

 I wanted to make some cards for my box...some simple "friend" cards.
I printed out this image and decoupaged parts,
adding glossy accents here and there.
I generated the sentiment on the image, on the computer.

Again, another image which I decoupaged (some flowers and the girls dress)
with G.A on some parts and pc
generated sentiment.
Thanks for looking.   x

Monday 25 July 2011

A definate "challenge"!!

Thought I wouldn't manage this one, but I did!!...

 I was asked, by a friend at work, to make her a card...
she asked on Tuesday and we broke up on Wednesday, so she needed
me to make it that night.
"Can you make me a card that has on a woman doing aerobics,
with something to do with being made a superintendant?
Oh, and can I have these certain words on the card?"
Hmmm!!!  A tall order...
But I did it! And she loved it!!

I really enjoyed making this card.
I thought the image looked a lot like the friend I was making it for.
The backing paper is a digi paper I have, whichI have never used...
I don't know why, 'cos it is lovely!
I glossy accented her shoes and heart and necklace.

Friday 22 July 2011

Teacher "Thankyou" cards

I made these recently, to say "thankyou" to some teachers.

 I put allsorts of bits and bobs together to make this card...
... it took a while!
I used glossy accents on things like the
 apple and the mug.

I used some lined paper for the backing of this card!
I decoupaged bits of the image, like the apple...and bit of G.A too.
I used a font to try and look like the "thankyou"
had been written on in chalk.
Thanks for looking. x

Thursday 21 July 2011

Day 1 of summer holidays.

Hopefully, I will get here regularly to keep my blog updated during these hols!

 I was asked to make a card last week, for an older girl
who is doing a ballet performance.
Her mum - my colleague - always likes to give her family a card
after they have been in a performance or a show....
I used an image, wordart, gems, matting, and I cut and punched
the edge myself.
She loved this card.

 The same colleagues husband is in a show too....
(not ballet!)  :)
I used these images and decoupaged the masks, stars and "presenting" ticket.
I added a gold gem to each star.
She liked this one too!

Finally, her other daughter is also in a production.
I made this image using different digi images
and a bit of glitz and sparkle.
Thankfully, she loved this one, too!

Sunday 17 July 2011

While the weather is awful...

..I  have been cleaning and crafting...

I made this first card for a friend, for her son to give to her daughter.
I love this backing paper...I think it was from a set in a pound shop, years ago!
I punched the flowers and a friend bought me a
set of diecuts from the pound shop last year..and these fabulous sparkly butterflies
were in the pack...I love 'em!
(I added the pearls)

 I love this image...the colours in particular.
I can completely imagine a lady drinking from this set!
I decoupaged elements on this card and added some G.A and
liquid pearls to the edges of the frame.

 This one didn't take long to make,...
I decoupaged some parts of the the doves and the banner.
Added some liquid pearls and matted the image.

This is another one I was asked to make.
The photo is awful..I only noticed that though, after I had given it to my friend who
 asked me to make it for her son,.
I handcut round the kicking men, to decoupage them.
The ribbon is supposed to represent the black belt.
She loved it. xx

Thursday 14 July 2011

Me again...

Well, its coming to the end of the school yr now, so I will be posting more regularly, soon!

 I was asked to make a prom card for a girl, who was wearing a turquoise dress.
I used this image from charmed cards and crafts.
It is from the Holly and Madison range...
I paper peiced the dress. added a G.A'd little black rose and a few
gems here and there.
Computer generated sentiment.

It was my Dads birthday the other weekend...I always find it hard to make cards for my Dad!
As soon as I saw this image though, I knew I wanted it.
He LOVES Laurel and Hardy
and I remember watching many films with him and miy sis, when
we were younger.
I decoupaged some of the "blocks" to give some depth.
(PC generated sentiment)

I made this for a neighbour...
She has a cat, and I thought the birhouses were like neighbouring houses.
You can't see so well from the pic, but I decoupAged the houses and again on the flowers,
 before guessed it... glossy accents! (G.A)

Monday 11 July 2011

Not been here for a while!

I haven't uploaded for a while, but have made a few recently,
so will show them over the next day or two...

 This is a gorgeous image..and I decoupaged some of it...
the girls and the banner.
(I like to just use 1mm foam pads as they
"do decoupage" subtley.)
As usual, I also used glossy accents here and there.

 I love this image... you can just about see the glossy accents
on the daisies around the little girls head.
I decoupaged the cat.
I made this and the one underneath, to have in my "card box."

 I can't remember where I got these
butterflies from, but I love them on this frame.
I decoupaged them and used G.A on her necklace.

I made this for a friend who like golf.
I found the background paper, which has words on like, "putt, birdie, chip, par" etc.
The little golf balls on the black strip, are dimensional...with G.A.
Hopefully, he will like it! x